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Classic Stainless Steel Bands - How to Resize

Note, this guide only applies to our Classic Stainless Steel Apple Watch Bands range. 

You will most likely (unless you have a large wrist!) need to remove some links to get the right size so we've included a complimentary Stainless Steel Watch Remover Tool if you've purchased a Classic Stainless Steel Band. 

Apple Watch Bands Link Remover Tool

It's easy to resize just follow the below steps:

1. Flip your band so the inside faces you. You'll see their are arrows on some of the middle links which you can remove as needed to resize. 

2. Turn the pin on the remover tool so that the band can be placed in. Align the arrow with the pin. 

3. Gently twist the handle on the tool until a pin inside the band pops out. Repeat link removal as needed. You will notice links in the middle above and below the clip can be removed, so we recommend you remove links evenly on both sides where possible. 

4. When happy with the size, simply reinsert the pins until its flush with the edge of the band. You may need to reuse the tool to push them in fully. 

Voila! Your new Classic Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band is ready to go!