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What are the Best Apple Watch Bands for Women?

August 06, 2020 2 min read

For many women, style is key when choosing a watch, but what options are there for stylish Apple Watch bands for women?

There are many options for women to keep up with fashion through their Apple Watch bands. Companies are releasing new styles and colours regularly, in order to keep wearers fashionable and with numerous options. This includes the more expensive brands like Hermes. Affordable retailers such as Standout Bands are also updating stock frequently to ensure consumers have access to their favourite styles. Acknowledging that women (and men) like to keep up with the latest fashion trends, you can find a variety of Apple Watch band styles to suit all tastes.

What styles are available?

It is recommended you purchase third party Apple Watch bands from trusted retailers with good reviews. This will ensure you receive the highest quality, best fit for your model and also a warranty for the band.

When it comes to options, there are plenty of different stylish Apple Watch bands! You can choose from sport bands, sport loops, leather and stainless steel. These come in a range of colours, material and patterns also. For fashionistas, you can also match your Apple iPhone or iPad case to your watch. So, for those women wondering what the best Apple Watch bands are for women, read on!

  • Sport bands come in colours from blue and pink and hot pink, to yellow, orange and more muted colours. Nike also offers several patterned sports bands, and there is even a ‘Pride’ edition sports band in rainbow.
  • Sport loops are a more casual approach, with some basic patterned and multi-coloured bands in fairly standard colours
  • Leather bands offer many different styles, such as plain more masculine options, textured options and a few feminine colours such as purple and pink.
  • Stainless steel bands offer feminine thin mesh options with a variety of trendy colours, and also a masculine link band. These are only available in silver, gold and pink so far.


What are the best options for women Apple Watch wearers?

The many options offered so far do provide a good level of variety for female Apple Watch owners, whether they like the bright colours, pinks or purples or more muted tones. For those who prefer a watch that looks more likely jewellery, this is unlikely to come until a smaller model is released (if ever).

Check out the Apple Watch bands from Standout Bands. For fashionista women (and men) the best option is to choose the style or colour you like and see what sizes and models are available. Fortunately, all models and case sizes are equal in what they offer, so no Apple Watch has less options than the others. If you’re looking for the best Apple Watch bands for women, you can certainly find them here.

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