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Mental Health and Wellbeing: 7 Work from Home Tips

April 10, 2020 4 min read

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a need for more people to work from home. While cooking your own meals and skipping that long commute helps you to feel healthier, you still need to remember that working from home does have a few downsides.Trying to juggle your household responsibilities with your work tasks can get hectic. You may also be reeling from the anxiety that you feel about how the virus is affecting the community. These seven healthy work from home tips will help you manage the stress and keep your mental health and wellbeing in tip top shape. 

1. Set Up a Separate Work Space
One of the first mistakes that many people make when they first start working from home is to set up their office in their bedroom. While this might be the quietest room in the house and definitely the coziest, the truth is that this can lead to some serious problems. Working in your bedroom can lead to you trying to finish tasks late at night. Create a separate place to do your work so that your bedroom instantly sends signals to your brain to relax. You’ll sleep better and be more productive during the day. Getting proper rest every night is critical for staying healthy during coronavirus.

2. Maintain Good Posture
This is another one of those tips where you might have to force yourself to break away from the idea that working on your couch or bed is relaxing. Typing on your laptop while you lounge in your favorite easy chair sets you up for back pain and neck strain. If possible, set up a traditional desk to work at, and consider getting an ergonomic chair that mimics what you use at the office.

3. Create a Schedule With Regular Breaks
There are two types of work at home people. There are those that find it hard to stay on task when they don’t have a defined to-do list. Then, there are other people who will work so hard and so long that they’ll forget to take a break. Whichever side you lean toward doesn’t matter, since both are easily fixed by creating a schedule. While it might be a little different from the schedule you follow at work, it should be closely aligned to how you normally manage your daily tasks. You can use your breaks to do a few stretches, reach out to a friend or hydrate so that you are more mentally alert when you go back to work.

4. Continue to Find Ways to Exercise
Before the coronavirus, you might have gone to the gym after work or enjoyed a walk on your lunch break. Although the gyms may be closed right now, you can still find ways to exercise. Try using resistance bands to strengthen your muscles, or take a walk around the block if you can get outside. Staying healthy during coronavirus is easier when your body is physically strong and at the appropriate weight.

5. Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene and Appearance
Being able to work in your pajamas feels exciting for a day or two. After that, it can begin to make you feel like a slob. Make sure to start each day by getting dressed, fixing your hair and handling your personal hygiene. Not only does showering and washing your face help you to wash away germs, but you’ll feel better prepared for those video conferences. While you’re thinking about hygiene, you’ll also want to sanitize your electronics regularly. This is especially important if you share devices with other people in your household.

6. Plan Healthy Lunches and Snacks
That candy dish that you kept on your desk at the office may no longer be there to tempt you to indulge in sweets. Yet, there is now an entire pantry and refrigerator that might be calling your name. One of the easiest healthy work from home tips to follow is to plan a nutritious lunch to eat each day. Staying filled up on healthy foods helps you to avoid snacking on junk as you work at your desk.

7. Establish a Clock Out Time
Being unable to get out of work mode is a hazard of working from home. Ideally, you should have a regular time that you end your work day. Try to stick to this time by shutting down your laptop and planning an activity to do like you would after a normal day at work. The best part is that you now may have more time to enjoy a hobby or time with your family since you are able to skip that stressful commute.

Whether you love working from home or prefer the office, there are ways to look after your mental health and wellbeing. By investing a little time in planning your day and office set up, organisation and time management, you can sail through your work while staying healthy. 

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